ꯋꯤꯛꯁꯟꯅꯔꯤ:ꯃꯤꯌꯥꯝꯒꯤ ꯄꯨꯟꯐꯝꯌꯥꯎꯐꯝ

ꯆꯨꯞꯂꯤ ꯄꯥꯏꯅꯕ:

ꯂꯃꯥꯏ ꯁꯦꯝꯕꯗ ꯃꯇꯦꯡ ꯂꯧꯅꯕꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

ꯑꯅꯧꯕ ꯆꯦꯔꯣꯜ ꯊꯥꯒꯠꯄꯒꯤ ꯂꯨꯞꯀꯤ ꯈꯣꯡꯆꯪꯒꯤ ꯃꯤꯑꯣꯢꯁꯤꯡ ꯎꯅꯕꯤꯌꯨꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

More languagesPlease help translate to your language

ꯆꯦꯔꯣꯜ ꯊꯥꯒꯠꯄꯒꯤ ꯂꯨꯞꯀꯤ ꯈꯣꯡꯆꯪꯒꯤ ꯃꯤꯈꯜ ꯑꯃꯗꯤ ꯈꯟꯕꯒꯤ ꯊꯧꯑꯣꯡꯁꯤꯡ ꯂꯣꯢꯔꯦ꯫

ꯂꯨꯞ ꯑꯁꯤꯅ ꯃꯊꯧ ꯑꯊꯨꯕ ꯃꯇꯝꯗ ꯍꯧꯅꯅꯕ ꯇꯧꯔꯅꯤ꯫ ꯂꯨꯞ ꯑꯁꯤꯅ ꯑꯋꯥꯠ ꯑꯄꯥ ꯃꯦꯟꯊꯣꯛ ꯃꯦꯟꯁꯤꯟ ꯇꯧꯅꯅꯕ ꯑꯍꯦꯟꯕ ꯃꯤꯑꯣꯢ ꯑꯍꯨꯝꯗ ꯈꯟꯕ ꯌꯥꯢ ꯫

ꯀꯔꯤꯒꯨꯝꯕ ꯅꯪꯅ ꯈꯣꯟꯖꯪ ꯆꯦꯔꯣꯜ ꯊꯥꯒꯠꯄꯒꯤ ꯊꯧꯑꯣꯡꯗ ꯌꯥꯎꯅꯤꯡꯕ ꯂꯩꯔꯕꯗꯤ, ꯃꯦꯇꯥꯗ ꯑꯅꯧ ꯑꯅꯧꯕ ꯏ-ꯄꯥꯎꯁꯤꯡ ꯇꯨꯡꯏꯟꯕꯤꯌꯨ ꯑꯃꯗꯤ ꯇꯦꯂꯦꯒ꯭ꯔꯥꯝ ꯂꯨꯞꯇ ꯌꯥꯎꯁꯤꯟꯕꯤꯌꯨ꯫

ꯈꯣꯟꯖꯪ ꯈꯣꯡꯐꯝ ꯑꯃꯗꯤ ꯂꯩꯉꯥꯛꯄ ꯂꯨꯞ ꯇꯒꯤ ꯊꯥꯒꯠꯄ ꯐꯣꯡꯗꯣꯛꯆꯔꯤ꯫
RamzyM (WMF) ꯰꯸:꯱꯵, ꯲ ꯅꯣꯚꯦꯝꯕꯔ ꯲꯰꯲꯱ (IST)Reply[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

ꯃꯤꯇꯩꯂꯣꯟ ꯋꯤꯛꯁꯟꯅꯔꯤꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

ꯃꯤꯇꯩꯂꯣꯟ ꯋꯤꯛꯁꯟꯅꯔꯤ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯃꯤꯇꯩꯂꯣꯟꯗ ꯍꯟꯗꯣꯛꯂꯕ ꯋꯥꯍꯩ-ꯂꯣꯒꯣ ꯌꯥꯎꯗ꯭ꯔꯤ, ꯃꯁꯤꯒꯤ ꯃꯍꯨꯠ ꯏꯪꯂꯤꯁ ꯂꯣꯟ ꯑꯣꯏꯅ ꯏꯗꯨꯅ ꯂꯩꯔꯤ, ꯃꯤꯇꯩꯂꯣꯟꯗ ꯍꯟꯗꯣꯛꯂꯕ ꯋꯥꯍꯩ-ꯂꯣꯒꯣ ꯃꯌꯥꯝꯒꯤ ꯑꯄꯥꯝ ꯄꯥꯝꯗ ꯐꯣꯡꯗꯣꯛꯄꯤꯌꯨ ꯫

The Meetei Wiktionary doesn't have mobile wordmark logo, and the name appears in English. A localized logo should be uploaded. Awangba Mangang (ꯋꯥ ꯍꯥꯏꯐꯝ) ꯱꯸:꯵꯴, ꯱꯲ ꯅꯣꯚꯦꯝꯕꯔ ꯲꯰꯲꯱ (IST)Reply[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

Wiki Loves Folklore is back!ꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

Please help translate to your language


You are humbly invited to participate in the Wiki Loves Folklore 2022 an international photography contest organized on Wikimedia Commons to document folklore and intangible cultural heritage from different regions, including, folk creative activities and many more. It is held every year from the 1st till the 28th of February.

You can help in enriching the folklore documentation on Commons from your region by taking photos, audios, videos, and submitting them in this commons contest.

You can also organize a local contest in your country and support us in translating the project pages to help us spread the word in your native language.

Feel free to contact us on our project Talk page if you need any assistance.

Kind regards,

Wiki loves Folklore International Team

--MediaWiki message delivery (ꯋꯥ ꯍꯥꯏꯐꯝ) ꯱꯸:꯴꯵, ꯹ ꯖꯥꯅꯨꯋꯥꯔꯤ ꯲꯰꯲꯲ (IST)Reply[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

ꯊꯥꯖꯕ ꯃꯤꯁꯤꯡꯒꯤ ꯐꯝꯄꯥꯛꯀꯤ ꯃꯤꯈꯜꯁꯤꯡꯒꯤ ꯑꯅꯤꯡꯕ ꯐꯣꯡꯗꯣꯛꯅꯅꯕ ꯀꯧꯖꯕ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯍꯧꯖꯤꯛ ꯍꯥꯡꯗꯣꯛꯆꯔꯦꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

ꯁꯣꯝꯅ ꯃꯁꯤꯒꯤ ꯄꯥꯎꯆꯦꯜ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯃꯦꯇꯥ-ꯋꯤꯀꯤꯗ ꯑꯍꯦꯟꯕ ꯂꯣꯟꯁꯤꯡꯗ ꯍꯟꯗꯣꯛꯄ ꯊꯦꯡꯅꯒꯅꯤ ꯫

ꯑꯅꯤꯡꯕ ꯐꯣꯡꯗꯣꯛꯅꯅꯕ ꯀꯧꯖꯕ: ꯊꯥꯖꯕ ꯃꯤꯁꯤꯡꯒꯤ ꯐꯝꯄꯥꯛꯀꯤ ꯃꯤꯈꯜꯁꯤꯡ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯍꯧꯖꯤꯛ ꯍꯥꯡꯗꯣꯛꯆꯔꯦ ꯑꯗꯨꯒ ꯏꯪ. ꯀꯨꯝ ꯲꯰꯲꯲ꯒꯤ ꯐꯦꯕ꯭ꯋꯥꯔꯤ ꯊꯥꯒꯤ ꯇꯥꯡ ꯷ꯇ ꯂꯣꯢꯁꯤꯟꯖꯒꯅꯤ ꯫

ꯃꯁꯤꯒꯤ ꯑꯅꯤꯡꯕ ꯐꯣꯡꯗꯣꯛꯅꯅꯕ ꯀꯧꯖꯕ ꯑꯁꯤꯒ ꯂꯣꯢꯅꯅ ꯊꯧꯁꯤꯜ-ꯊꯧꯔꯥꯡ ꯑꯃꯗꯤ ꯂꯩꯉꯥꯛꯄꯒꯤ ꯈꯣꯡꯆꯪꯒꯤ ꯂꯨꯞ ꯑꯁꯤꯅ ꯇꯣꯉꯥꯟꯕ ꯄꯥꯟꯗꯝ ꯀꯌꯥ ꯊꯝꯒꯗꯧꯔꯤ ꯫ ꯃꯁꯤꯒꯤ ꯄꯥꯟꯗꯝ ꯑꯁꯤꯅ ꯲꯰꯲꯱ꯒꯤ ꯃꯤꯌꯥꯝꯒꯤ ꯑꯅꯤꯡꯕ ꯐꯣꯡꯗꯣꯛꯔꯛꯈꯤꯕꯁꯤꯡꯒ ꯆꯨꯡꯁꯤꯟꯅꯒꯅꯤ ꯫ ꯍꯥꯢꯖꯕꯁꯤꯡꯅ ꯂꯨꯆꯤꯡꯗꯨꯅ ꯆꯠꯄꯒꯤ ꯃꯍꯨꯠꯇ ꯀꯧꯖꯕ ꯑꯁꯤ ꯊꯥꯖꯕ ꯃꯤꯁꯤꯡꯒꯤ ꯐꯝꯄꯥꯛꯀꯤ ꯃꯔꯨ ꯑꯣꯢꯕ ꯋꯥꯍꯪꯁꯤꯡꯒꯤ ꯑꯀꯣꯢꯕꯗ ꯊꯝꯒꯅꯤ ꯫ ꯃꯁꯤꯒꯤ ꯋꯥꯈꯜꯂꯣꯟꯗꯤ ꯃꯔꯨ ꯑꯣꯢꯕ ꯋꯥꯍꯪꯁꯤꯡꯒꯤ ꯄꯨꯟꯅ ꯌꯣꯛꯈꯠꯃꯤꯟꯅꯕ ꯑꯃꯗꯤ ꯆꯨꯡꯁꯤꯟꯅꯅ ꯍꯥꯢꯖꯕꯁꯤꯡꯒꯤ ꯆꯥꯎꯈꯠꯄ ꯄꯨꯔꯛꯄꯅꯤ ꯫

ꯋꯥꯔꯤ ꯋꯇꯥꯏ ꯁꯥꯕ ꯌꯥꯎ ꯫

ꯈ꯭ꯋꯥꯢꯗꯒꯤ ꯐꯕ,

ꯊꯧꯁꯤꯜ-ꯊꯧꯔꯥꯡ ꯑꯃꯗꯤ ꯂꯩꯉꯥꯛꯄꯒꯤ ꯈꯣꯡꯆꯪ

RamzyM (WMF) ꯰꯹:꯳꯴, ꯱꯳ ꯖꯥꯅꯨꯋꯥꯔꯤ ꯲꯰꯲꯲ (IST)Reply[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

Wikipedia translation of the week: 2022-12ꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

꯲꯱:꯳꯱, ꯲꯱ ꯃꯥꯔꯆ ꯲꯰꯲꯲ (IST)

This Month in Education: March 2022ꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

This Month in Education: April 2022ꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

This Month in Education: May 2022ꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

This Month in Education: May 2022ꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

Hello. To facilitate steward granting of bot access, I suggest implementing the standard bot policy on this wiki. In particular, this policy allows stewards to automatically flag known interlanguage linking bots (if this page says that is acceptable) or bots that fix double redirects. The policy also enables global bots on this wiki (if this page says that is acceptable), which are trusted bots that will be given bot access on every wiki that allows global bots.

This policy makes bot access requesting much easier for local users, operators, and stewards. To implement it we only need to create a redirect to this page from Project:Bot policy, and add a line at the top noting that it is used here. If you use or prefer to use a dedicated project page for handling bot flag requests, that is also acceptable. Please read the text at Meta-Wiki before commenting. If you object, please say so; I hope to implement in two weeks if there is no objection, since it is particularly written to streamline bot requests on wikis with little or no community interested in bot access requests. Thank you for your consideration. --Rschen7754 ꯰꯱:꯴꯷, ꯲꯵ ꯁꯦꯞꯇꯦꯝꯕꯔ ꯲꯰꯲꯲ (IST)Reply[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

Community Wishlist Survey 2023 opens in Januaryꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

Please help translate to your language

(There is a translatable version of this message on MetaWiki)


The Community Wishlist Survey (CWS) 2023, which lets contributors propose and vote for tools and improvements, starts next month on Monday, 23 January 2023, at 18:00 UTC and will continue annually.

We are inviting you to share your ideas for technical improvements to our tools and platforms. Long experience in editing or technical skills is not required. If you have ever used our software and thought of an idea to improve it, this is the place to come share those ideas!

The dates for the phases of the Survey will be as follows:

  • Phase 1: Submit, discuss, and revise proposals – Monday, Jan 23, 2023 to Sunday, Feb 6, 2023
  • Phase 2: WMF/Community Tech reviews and organizes proposals – Monday, Jan 30, 2023 to Friday, Feb 10, 2023
  • Phase 3: Vote on proposals – Friday, Feb 10, 2023 to Friday, Feb 24, 2023
  • Phase 4: Results posted – Tuesday, Feb 28, 2023

If you want to start writing out your ideas ahead of the Survey, you can start thinking about your proposals and draft them in the CWS sandbox.

We are grateful to all who participated last year. See you in January 2023!

Thank you! Community Tech, STei (WMF) ꯲꯲:꯱꯴, ꯱꯵ ꯗꯤꯁꯦꯝꯕꯔ ꯲꯰꯲꯲ (IST)Reply[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

Global ban for PlanespotterA320/RespectCEꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

Per the Global bans policy, I'm informing the project of this request for comment: m:Requests for comment/Global ban for PlanespotterA320 (2) about banning a member from your community. Thank you.--Lemonaka (talk) 21:40, 6 February 2023 (UTC)

Your wiki will be in read only soonꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

Trizek (WMF) (ꯈꯟꯅ ꯅꯩꯅꯕ) ꯰꯲:꯵꯱, ꯲꯸ ꯐꯦꯕꯨꯋꯥꯔꯤ ꯲꯰꯲꯳ (IST)Reply[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

Wikimania 2023 Welcoming Program Submissionsꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

Do you want to host an in-person or virtual session at Wikimania 2023? Maybe a hands-on workshop, a lively discussion, a fun performance, a catchy poster, or a memorable lightning talk? Submissions are open until March 28. The event will have dedicated hybrid blocks, so virtual submissions and pre-recorded content are also welcome. If you have any questions, please join us at an upcoming conversation on March 12 or 19, or reach out by email at wikimania@wikimedia.org or on Telegram. More information on-wiki.

Seeking volunteers for the next step in the Universal Code of Conduct processꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ


As follow-up to the message about the Universal Code of Conduct Enforcement Guidelines by Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Vice Chair, Shani Evenstein Sigalov, I am reaching out about the next steps. I want to bring your attention to the next stage of the Universal Code of Conduct process, which is forming a building committee for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C). I invite community members with experience and deep interest in community health and governance to nominate themselves to be part of the U4C building committee, which needs people who are:

  • Community members in good standing
  • Knowledgeable about movement community processes, such as, but not limited to, policy drafting, participatory decision making, and application of existing rules and policies on Wikimedia projects
  • Aware and appreciative of the diversity of the movement, such as, but not limited to, languages spoken, identity, geography, and project type
  • Committed to participate for the entire U4C Building Committee period from mid-May - December 2023
  • Comfortable with engaging in difficult, but productive conversations
  • Confidently able to communicate in English

The Building Committee shall consist of volunteer community members, affiliate board or staff, and Wikimedia Foundation staff.

The Universal Code of Conduct has been a process strengthened by the skills and knowledge of the community and I look forward to what the U4C Building Committee creates. If you are interested in joining the Building Committee, please either sign up on the Meta-Wiki page, or contact ucocproject wikimedia.org by May 12, 2023. Read more on Meta-Wiki.

Best regards,

Xeno (WMF) ꯰꯰:꯳꯱, ꯲꯷ ꯑꯦꯄꯔꯤꯜ ꯲꯰꯲꯳ (IST)Reply[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

Automatic citations based on ISBN are brokenꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

Apologies if this message does not reach you in your favorite language. You can help translate it centrally at Meta. Thanks for your help.

We have recently become unable to access the WorldCat API which provided the ability to generate citations using ISBN numbers. The Wikimedia Foundation's Editing team is investigating several options to restore the functionality, but will need to disable ISBN citation generation for now.

This affects citations made with the VisualEditor Automatic tab, and the use of the citoid API in gadgets and user scripts, such as the autofill button on refToolbar. Please note that all the other automatic ways of generating citations, including via URL or DOI, are still available.

You can keep updated on the situation via Phabricator, or by reading the next issues of m:Tech News. If you know of any users or groups who rely heavily on this feature (for instance, someone who has an upcoming editathon), I'd appreciate it if you shared this update with them.

Elitre (WMF), on behalf of the Editing team.

MediaWiki message delivery (ꯋꯥ ꯍꯥꯏꯐꯝ) ꯰꯱:꯱꯵, ꯱꯲ ꯃꯦ ꯲꯰꯲꯳ (IST)Reply[ꯄꯥꯎꯈꯨꯝ ꯄꯤꯕ]

Selection of the U4C Building Committeeꯁꯦꯝꯒꯠ ꯁꯥꯒꯠꯂꯨ

The next stage in the Universal Code of Conduct process is establishing a Building Committee to create the charter for the Universal Code of Conduct Coordinating Committee (U4C). The Building Committee has been selected. Read about the members and the work ahead on Meta-wiki.

-- UCoC Project Team, ꯰꯹:꯵꯱, ꯲꯷ ꯃꯦ ꯲꯰꯲꯳ (IST)